Malden Alerts (Malden's New Alert System)

Sign up to receive emergency alerts from the City of Malden. These may include information on winter weather, parking, traffic, roadwork, voting, public health and public safety.

After clicking the “Sign Up” button below, you may choose which types of alert categories you want to receive and you can modify those selections at any time. You will also be able to put in your Malden street address to receive any alerts specific to that location such as roadwork, hydrant flushing, etc. Lastly, you may select to receive alerts in your native language.

We will send you alerts via email, text or voice call. Provide us with your most reliable contact information and also consider encouraging family members or roommates to do the same.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Even if you already receive these types of alerts from the City of Malden, please complete the "Sign Up" form below as this is a NEW alert system. If you do not complete the form, you will not receive any alerts from us in the future.

Instructions in other languages:

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