City of North St. Paul Alerts

7th Ave. Construction Updates

4/18/2023 - 1:15 PM
Construction has started on the 7th Avenue Street and Utility Improvement Project. This is the second phase of the downtown reconstruction plan and includes work in the following areas:
  • 7th Avenue from 1st Street to mid-block between Helen Street and Margaret Street
  • Helen Street from 4th Avenue to Seppala Boulevard
  • 4th Avenue from Helen Street to the alley behind 7th Avenue between Helen and Margaret Streets.
  • Seppala Boulevard at the intersection with Helen Street
The project will include the following work:
  • Removal of all concrete and asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, driveways, sidewalk, storm sewer, watermain
  • Partial removal and replacement of sanitary sewer
  • Installation of new, larger capacity storm sewer and watermain to alleviate flooding issues and improve flow for firefighting.
  • Construction of new concrete and asphalt pavement and replace driveways to the street right-of-way.
  • Placement of wider sidewalks and new landscaping

Eureka construction will be the main contractor constructing and managing the project. WSB designed the project and will be managing construction observation on behalf of the City.

Things to expect in the following week:
  1. The contractor has installed signage designating the detour route shown below. Once the detour signage is set up, the project area will be closed to vehicle traffic, and all traffic must follow the detour shown. The construction area is shown in Red, and the detour route is shown in Green.
  2. Erosion control measures will be installed to limit erosion on the site during construction.
  3. The contractor will start bringing in their equipment and materials. The City allowed the contractor to use the empty parking lot at the southwest corner of 7th Avenue and Helen Street for construction storage and staging.
  4. Removal of select trees and stumps necessary to construct the project. Note, this is not all the trees along the project site. Only those necessary to construct the project will be removed. All other trees will be protected to the contractor’s best ability throughout the project.
  5. Stripping and stockpiling of topsoil for reinstallation later in the project.
  6. Possible start of pavement removals throughout the project area.
The City will issue updates like this at least once a week throughout the duration of the project.

In order to answer questions about the project and access during construction, the City will host a Virtual Open House on Thursday, April 20.

Virtual Open House
April 20, 2023, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
The Zoom link will also be posted on the City’s website.

Thank you for your continued partnership, understanding, and patience as we strive to make these very important improvements to North St. Paul’s infrastructure.